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On the way to...Paris cycle

19. Paybas, Normandie, Bretagne
& Paris

price from € 1.780

Tour is addressed to

people who after Amsterdam and
Den Haag would like to visit the historical seasides of English Channel where are towns as Dunkerque, Dieppe, Fecamp, Le Havre, Caen, St.Michel, St. Malo, etc

Fly back from ...Paris of course !

Better time to visit

is between March and  November.

Tour data :

Fly in              : Amsterdam


Overnights   : Amsterdam          (1nt)                         Ghent                  (1nt)

                        Dieppe                 (1nt)

                        Caen                   (1nts)

                        St. Malo             (2nts)

                        Paris                   (1 nt)


 Fly out           : Paris


Distance        : km 1450 approx.

Meals             : 7  breakfasts

Participation : min.     4 persons
                        max. 7-8 persons

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