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 EMT   Essentials 

The following essential key-points and  EMT  practices must be seriously considered :


 Duration  -  all our EMT trips run on a standard 8 days duration from one point of  Europe to another. Under our perception, this is  an adequate amount of time to see/visit a lot of  European sites and depends on how long distances you can afford to run during this period of time. However, you always have  the   option to join two or more consecutive tours  for a longer European tour as a whole.  
(see how here) 


 Sunday weekly departures  -  our EMT trips run on a weekly basis and they start and end every Sunday. However, this - and the previous item - do not apply on Private & Tailor-Made Tours where it is you who decide for everything.


 Tours Variety  -  up to now, we run   30 different tours  to choose from. Imagine how many options you have regarding which  places you want to visit, when you want to start, how long you want it to take, which hub you want to start from, etc... Actually, they are  more than 1000 ! This is one aspect of flexibility - not the only one - which characterizes our EMT plan.


 Air tickets costs  -  air ticket bookings and issuance costs are not included in our prices. This happens deliberately since we know that our potential participants - who will be coming from Japan till Brazil and from Canada till Russia to and and from our hubs in Europe - will have to pay entirely different prices for their airtickets. Incorporating this cost in our EMT prices would confuse our price policy and image too . However, if we would be requested for, we can arrange this issue too .


 Language  -  although that English is the language that we use to communicate with our tour participants, our tour managers usually speak more than one language. Please also note that any electronic sound devices we use during city tours  "speak" English too.


 Hotels   - We use 3*& 4* stars hotels which are of really good, adequate ...and already tested quality. They are always located in areas very convenient for your tour and are fully equipped to provide you with all necessary and useful facilities. Regarding the EMT type of tourism we work on, we do not believe that the super luxury style hotels fit, since they mostly offer you either useless "luxurities" or comfortness you do not have the time to benefit, which you though must pay a lot  for.


 Tour manager   - the most important factor of EMT concept. It is a person who plays a triple role. First, he/she will be your permanent private minibus  chauffer, checked for his/her safe and secure driving capabilities. Second, as your exclusive tour leader, he/she will be always beside you on a 24hours basis - from the moment that meets you at the airport you arrive till your flight back. Third, he/she will be the person who will be acting as your non-stop tour guide, wherever and whenever this is allowed.  Do not worry,  your tour manager is well qualified for the panoramic style city tours we provide. We pay high attention on the personality and the experience of these persons who, beyond and above all, are the proper persons to serve you just because they like to serve people... They will be there to provide you with help and all technical tour assistance, and above all,  to do everything to keep your smile always on !

 Minibuses  -  we on purpose prefer to use rented vehicles - some of them you see on  this trailer  - from the biggest worlwide firms like Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, etc, -  It is a strategy that ensures the necessary quality of the means we use to move you within Europe, that is, to have always brand new, safe, comfortable cars, perfectly well serviced for all of our tours. However, since car-rental industry booking procedures do not guarantee specific models but just car type category, we never know in advance the exact model of the vehicle that we shall have on a specific tour.


 Flexibility   -   it is the most important EMT virtue since it gives you the sense of freedom although you participate on a well and firmly structured tour program. A virtue that simply can not exist in a classic 50 person group. See a typical example : run out of time  in tonight's tavern entertainment... but still fun is on and also some wine is still in the bottle... Question : Can we stay  a little more ? Of course you can, just notify your tour manager to pick you up when you are ready !


 Program adaptability  -  Program of course exists and is followed. However, if is technically feasible (to be decided by tour manager exclusively), it can be anytime modified "on the go" upon full group's accordance to fulfill a special need of a given group. It can be done since our tours are made in a way to easily adapt the specialties of each specific group we serve, i.e. you are classic  music lovers being with us in Milano and there is a performance in Teatro alla Scala... Of course we shall  try to get you there by all means !


 Sightseeing   -  we strongly believe in the "panoramic" style of a sightseeing, city tour, etc, and also in the width - not in the depth aspect of  their coverage. For instance, if during a wide citytour experience in Rome will be shown to you and hear a few things about San Pietro in Vincoli, then at your free time or in a next possible occasion you can  specifically visit this church too... But if we try to give a guided tour in every famous church in Rome, you will miss Colosseum finally...

 Local guides  -  we use them only  wherever tour managers can not help or in sites and areas where are not allowed to (such as visits in the internal part of museums, galleries, palaces, etc - if provided) . We use them also in case of a special -and in advance- group's request, if any. In any case where local guides are used , it is clearly stated in the analytical tour program.

 Airport transfers  - Various participants, who arrive and depart with various flights, with varying timetables... means that they must be combined in order to move them all together from/to airports/hotels. Therefore, please note that  only a unique transfer per direction  is organized, one on the arrival day and one on the day of departure. Consequently, some of you must anticipate slack time to a significant extent. As far as the exact time of your transfers from/to airports along with the airport meeting points are concerned, you will be notified via email/sms within the last 24 hours before your arrival/departure.


 Luggages  -  minibuses have only one disadvantage, especially in 8 persons participation, limited luggage space. In order to give a solution on that, we have to apply the following restriction on participants' luggages. So, keep in mind that, for every two participants ONLY one suitcase of  70*45*25 cm size + one small soft suitcase of 55*40*20 cm size can be carried .



 EMT  vs  One Spot Tour  -  last but highly important : EMT is not like classic static trips, i.e. 4days to Rome or 3days to London and its surroundings.  It must be understood -and accepted too- that EMTs, on the contrary of one spot tours, are oriented only to people who love continuous motion , even on an almost daily basis  and  to people who really do not mind of extent mileage  long distances run  as long as they visit exciting places.

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