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Who we are, what we have done and what we do now !

 EMT  is the ex Avanti Travel ...child !  Behind brands and companies though, there are people and in our case people who really love to care about you, people whose #1 advantage is their affection for their duty.
Let us introduce them ...

in person ...

 Miltos Vardalis,  born in 1955, founder and owner till 2020 of ex-Avanti Travel, is the person who created the EMT plan, a new travelling concept, based on his vast experience in almost every part of Europe.

 Pepi Marineli,   one of our most experienced  members in program planning and structure especially in Italy, place where she is still spending a lot of her  working time.

 George Dimopoulos,  our  IT responsible but with a good European travel back up also though he is still... young enough. UK, Pays Bas and Swiss are the main area of his skills.

 Dora Vardali,  the second generation in action already. She is since 2014 in charge of the hotel selection department, tour-managers recruitment office and new product planning..

 George Lagionis,  our Roma  specialist. His traveling experience all over Italy  is  a ...dream of a lot of people  even beyond tourism and of much older than his age !

 Maria Dimopoulou, our France ...liason, spent there and especially in Paris more than 14years. However, her capabilities expand in surrounding countries too...

 John Stathopoulos,  one of our mostly experienced and highly qualified tour managers having spent a decade  in Canada and Great Britain.

 Panagiotis Dimodetis,  great  talent in what is called VIP service, multillingual and qualified with all these merits that a tour-manager must have.

... and in action

 What was the supply i have started  with... 

It was 1961, when as a child then, me and my family made the first 15days-long all-around central Europe tour on an 3-geared OPEL station wagon ! Comparing "then" & "now" nothing is  the same, except,    the passion for travelling  !  A family merit, a trend rather, which i fortunately inherited. Why fortunately ?  Because in 1985, when i founded Avanti Travel,  this trend proved to be the best weapon i ever had for the job i am dealing with... and i still use it !​

 In the meanwhile... 

Firstly, my colleagues and I have made a team of tourism professionals on a medium-sized, flexible, functional, and easy-to-be-controlled scheme. It worked perfectly, so, taking advantage of our always successful presence in European Tourism since 1985, a few years after the millennium, we were pleased to present our new idea,  the EMT  concept in the tourism market - especially for overseas travellers. New, but well-tested for an adequate period, it soon became a significant alternative for potential incomers in Europe, a modern travelling style for touring combinations they never had.

 Success secrets...? 

Yes, there used to be under all circumstances. For instance, to keep immediate quality control upon rendered services to our clients, we had avoided any intermediate persons we could. Also, personal pre-inspection for all accommodations that we had planned to use for our clients was always a prerequisite, as well as a clientless tour for tour managers only before the tour started. Last, but not least, we provide services via highly experienced and qualified persons, and we have always in mind that your smile is what really counts after all ...!

 After covid-19 era... 

35 years since our start, after such a shock, we had to adapt and change plans... So, I left behind the typical and classic travel agency format, I kept the EMT travel concept as a cell of all previous successful steps, and I have kept going  - on a non-profit module ever since,
-by consulting my numerous friends for all of their travelling needs,
-by travelling quite often with them (since 
 the passion for travelling   never ends), and

-by presenting new ideas and proposals to them, simply assigning their  - mainly financial - implementation to former colleague enterprises of high confidence always under intense supervision and functional control.

Miltos   D.  Vardalisa
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