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 Our Europe hubs 

Check the map at your right... It shows the 6 different Europe hubs (city gates) we use for our tours.


Now, regardless any personal reason that brings you in Europe, one of our hubs is -almost- always very close to you in order to start and/or finish one (or more) of our EMTs. 


We use -on purpose- more than one hub to start and/or finish your European touring experience in order to make easier for you to incorporate it within your total stay in Europe. So, you can now easily combine other interests, cruises, duties, meetings, etc, in Europe with one (or more) of our EMT groups. 


Therefore, please first check the tour(s) description that you choose and then proceed in all necessary actions in order to fly to and back from the specified hubs accordingly.

Join our (max.) 8-persons groups

by flying to & from the hubs

which fit in your plans for
your total staying in Europe

Now, enjoy Europe traveling in a way you have never imagine you can... !

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