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 The principles: 

a place that takes
a lot of time
to visit thoroughly.

 Time & Money, 

nobody has much of both 
to spend 
can afford to pay for.

 Overseas visitors, 

during a lifetime,
rarely can  travel in Europe 
more than once.

 EMT- the concept : 


with the above three principles in mind, we concluded that 
by shortening your en route time
 we optimize
your overall travelling experience and your budget too !

How can this target be achieved ?   It's easy enough...
Instead of slow, tough-to-move and usually overcrowded big classic buses,
we prefer to use the smaller & flexible but always safe, comfortable and luxurious
So, by doing that,
- we get you quickly, easily and directly to the tour's specific point of interest
- we get you closer than ever to what you must see or/and visit 
- we easily & safely follow nice and picturesque routings where big buses do not fit,
- we facilitate the growth of a friendly atmosphere due to the groups' small size
- we provide the group with flexibility and adaptability (see why in  EMT essentials )
- and, we finally move 35% faster than conventional groups, something that
        increases your available time equally, so you can enrich your actual tour
        experience and make it more comfortable and relaxed.
 - After all, you visit in 8 days for what otherwise 12 or more would be needed ! 

Tour Manager driven
8/9 seater minibuses

We give you always 2 options to enjoy Europe with our minibuses :

 1. Free to participate tours 
open to everybody on given dates, departures and itineraries as they are presented in the site entity

 2. Private & tailor-made tours 

reserved ONLY for you and your family, friends, partners, employees, colleagues, etc, to be realized as they are or transformed according to your desires, at any time, with any duration, within or beyond the hubs and the destinations we work on. 

( If this is your case, please contact us ) 

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