If you plan to spend more than 8 days in Europe touring
the following  EMT  chart  is for you !

It is very simple.

Just continue from
one tour to another

as long as

a hub joins them & they belong
to consecutive cycles.

Actually, there are numerous combinations to realize, depending on the hub you start, the hub you end up,
and the specific EMT(s)

you participate.

Note 1 : in the black areas you will find our European hubs, that is, the cities where you must fly in  to join with (=start)  and  fly out to leave from (=end)  our EMT groups.

Note 2 : cycles follow repeatedly the same course, that is, the Sunday when the "After Paris…cycle" ends is the start of NEW series with "The Italian cycle" first. 

Let us give you some examples for help :

You can participate in tours # 4, 11 and 16  by flying in Rome and flying  out  from Paris.

• You can also participate in tours # 12, 19, and 28 by flying in Milano and flying back from Rome.

• You can start with tour # 27, go on with  # 3 and end up with  # 15 by  flying aller-retour in Paris.

•You can also fly in Paris, participate in tours # 28 or # 29, go on with any of  #4 - #8 and fly back from      

    Milano. You need a third round ?   Keep going on with any EMT between  #10 and  #15 and fly back  

    accordingly  from  Zurich / Amsterdam / Paris. 

However, you CAN NOT participate,  i.e.

in tour #12 and continue with tour #22 since there is no hub between them,  or

in tours #6 and #20 since these tours do not belong in consecutive cycles.

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