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The Adventure

24. Paris, Brussels & Luxembourg 


Here we have a shorter than the usual stay in Paris
in order to enjoy also beauties like Brugge, Ghent, Brussels 
& Luxembourg before you fly back from Zurich !

 25.  Paris & Cote d' Azur 

France has a lot of interesting points but its
capital Paris and Cannes-Nice area are the top of the tops ! They are waiting to welcome you !

26.  Paris, Alsace & Swiss



Full time to enjoy Paris and then, after visiting Strasbourg, enjoy Luzern and the Lugano-Como lakes before end up in Milano !

 27.  Paris & Amsterdam 


At the end of this tour you will find out difficult
to say which of the two capitals liked you most,
the French or the Dutch ...!

 28. Provence, Liguria, Tuscany 


 Grab the chance to see -among others- Lyon, 

 Marseilles, Aix en Provence, Monaco, Genova,

 Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena, Perugia & Arezzo

 before you reach the Eternal City,... Roma !

 29.  Paris & Rome 



Join the City of Light with the Eternal City via a long but "easy-ride" itinerary passing through Mont Blanc and famous Aosta valley...!

 30.  Paris, Alsace & Rhein 


Start and fully enjoy Paris before you
visit Strasbourg and Zurich on the way
to visit the bigger waterfalls in Europe,
the fabulous Rhein falls...!

Need help ?

 you have always 
 2 options 

 to enjoy Europe on 

 a  minibus: 


 1.  Free to participate tours  open to everybody on given dates, departures and itineraries as they are presented in the site entity













 2. Private & tailor-made tours 

reserved ONLY for you and your family, friends, partners, employees, colleagues, etc, to be realized as they are or transformed according to your desires at anytime with any duration within or beyond  the hubs and the destinations we work on.


( If this is your case, please contact us )  


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