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After ...Paris cycle

 24. Paris, Brussels  & Luxembourg 

price from € 1.784

Tour is designed to

present to the traveller the " European heart ". So we start from ...unbelievable Paris, pass through Bruges and Ghent to stay in famous Brussels and then through Luxembourg we end up in Zurich, the Swiss diamond !

Better time to visit

is - undoubtedly - all year round !

Tour data :

Fly in             : Paris


Overnights   :  Paris                (3nts)

                         Brussels          (2nts)

                         Luxembourg    (1nt)

                         Zurich               (1nt)


Fly out           : Zurich


Distance        : km 1115 approx.

Meals             : 7  breakfasts

Participation :  min.     4 persons
                         max. 7-8 persons

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