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After ...Paris cycle

 30. Paris, Alsace & Rhein 

price from € 1.769

Tour is addessed to

people who with the opportunity of visiting Paris want to see as many as other beautiful places also, such as wonderfull Alsacian Strasbourg, the largest Swiss city, Zurich,  and the fabulous Rhein Falls just before conclude with the Bavarian capital Munchen.

Better time to visit

is anytime, since there is no such limitation for this tour.

Tour data :

Fly in              : Paris


Overnights   : Paris             (4nts)

                        Strasbourg    (1nt)

                        Zurich            (1nt)

                       Munchen        (1nt) 


Fly out           : Munchen


Distance        : km 1030 approx.

Meals             : 7  breakfasts

Participation :  min.     4 persons
                         max. 7-8 persons

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